Research XP

Research XP works in collaboration with Shopper XP and Planogram XP to publish your category plans to an online shopper panel before reviewing key shopper metrics and results in the real time integrated Research XP dashboard.

World Class FMCG brands are currently using Research XP as a spearhead for collaboration on Value Growth Scenarios and Execution with retailers.

For example one brand used it to answer this business question:

What is the best Front of Store Execution to drive better conversion and shopper experience to drive total impulse sales and profit?

The tool delivered a validated solution by testing the commercial impact of various impulse designs at the front-of-store.

  • Data modelling
  • Virtual store tests online
  • Customised metrics and results
  • Client benchmarked against industry solutions that typically take longer and are multiple times the cost

Research XP offers the ability to have an unlimited research licence.

Benefits of this include

  • Reduction of overall project costs by approximately 50% (assuming 10 projects a year)
  • Only pay for Panel Shoppers and any stimulus development required
  • Running a series of linked projects across different Channels at no extra cost
  • Start to build up a knowledge database
  • Test out incrementality estimates using research What if we remove X pack?
  • Test NPD launches in a timely and cost effective way