Impact XP is an all-in-one Commercial Leadership toolkit.

A next-generation Marketing, Data Analytics and Immersive Research platform, designed to support brands in working collaboratively with retailers.


5 integrated modules for fast and iterative analysis and visualisation

  • Planogram XP
  • Range XP
  • Shopper XP
  • Engage XP
  • Research XP

Planogram XP

It’s so quick and easy. Built by category experts, our next-generation software is super easy to use and enables you to build hyper realistic data-rich planograms in minutes using our cloud-based product library. It uniquely combines space & range functionality across 2D, 3D and VR.

At the press of a button, drop your planogram into an amazing virtual store from our extensive library of global retailers across all channels.

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Range XP

Auto-generate the optimum range, space and layout. Using sales & shopper data, Range XP applies a world first algorithm to calculate the uniqueness and incrementality of a product and then auto-generates the ultimate range and portfolio recommendations.

The software calculates the commercial impact of multiple range and portfolio scenarios and creates the optimum sales mix by shopper types and store clusters across all retail channels.

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Shopper XP

Plan the perfect shopper journey from home to shelf. Use Shopper XP, our hyper-realistic 3D virtual visualization capability to plan, communicate and sell in-store execution and shopper marketing strategies at every touchpoint along the shopper journey, from home to shelf and online.

Digitally store all your POS and marketing activity in our AssetXP library and easily make 4K videos of your Perfect Store and Shopper Journey without expensive agency costs.

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Engage XP

Engage your retail customers in the Metaverse. Invite your customers and partners to a cloud-based virtual world where you can bring to life your Category Vision, Look of Success and future NPD using our best-in-class 3D virtual retail environments and product models.

Manage content and create and share brilliant digital interactive presentations, meetings and exhibitions to drive strategic engagement with your internal teams and retail partners.

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Research XP

Understand the impact of a new product launch or fixture layout. Allow shoppers to shop a digital representation of different marketing scenarios and create integrated surveys to get qual and quant feedback on which works best.

With access to millions of engaged online respondents across 100+ countries, we can simulate multiple immersive shopping experiences and gather data and insights faster and more cost-effectively than ever before.

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